Top Archery Brands

When choosing a bow, you’re less likely to be interested in what’s good for a beginner or for an advanced bowman. Most probably, you’d look for top quality brands that are reliable when you might need upgrades or parts for that bow. Navigating all options available can be quite confusing, especially if you’re new to the archery market. Lots of models are available, and hundreds of different brands are making the bows. It can be difficult to define the difference between really clever design and clever marketing.

Manufacturers tend to inundate their product descriptions and marketing materials with technical terms and scientific-sounding features. Your search can be thwarted with marketing ploys pertaining to the brands’ supposed technical advancements. The brand you select is dependent on your personal requirements and preferences. There’s no perfect option, no matter what the brand’s manufacturer says. Each brand will have its pros and cons. It’s solely up to you to decide which brand would suit you best, based on your skill level, aesthetics and past experience.

Choosing the Top Archery Brands

You ought to purchase the best hunting bow for what you can afford. Below, we feature top archery brands. Some of them are well known and others are barely popular, but extremely great. Most of these brands have been in archery business for years now. They’ve made names for themselves by providing top quality products which are based on intensive research, science and considerable testing.

1. Bear Archery

Bear Archery has featured as a top brand for many years now. Every year, they launch new models which hit high scores, featuring in the best-of roundups throughout many hunting periodicals. They released almost 20 new models in 2014 and 5 in 2015. They’re releasing even more in 2016. The Bear Cruzer is among the topmost contenders for the beginner spot. It’s a great model, especially because of its adaptability. Another great release from Bear Archery is the Bear Arena 30, featuring nearly every innovation.

2. Bowtech

Here’s a brand that’s popular for serious innovations in the styling of compound bows. Worth mentioning, they championed the binary cam system that eliminated synchronization troubles. Recently, they launched Power-shift technology that has been a favorite among many serious hunters. Their product line features the amazing Bowtech Prodigy, the Bowtech Boss and the exemplary Bowtech Fanatic.

The Fanatic has been specially designed for target archers. Every detail was kept in mind while creating the Fanatic. The new Bowtech Prodigy boasts the new Power-shift disc in the cam system. This allows you to quickly and easily adjust the weapon’s power setting in order to achieve shots which require different power or comfort levels. Another addition to the 2016 line is the Bowtech Boss. This is suitable for archers with long draws. In addition, it features the power disc and is outfitted with Over-Drive Binary cams, which allows for finer tuning and almost-perfect shooting consistency.

Bowtech gained ownership over the Diamond brand in 2004. You can thus expect to come across the same technological advances in both brands. The Diamond Infinite Edge is proof of that and has risen to be a top choice amongst female archers. The best thing about Bowtech bows is that everyone in your family can enjoy the customization of their top quality models.

3. Hoyt

Hoyt is run by bow fanatics. They feature a remarkable number of innovative designs which feature a more technical and tactical feel. Their top priority is compound adaptability. Some of its top models include the Ruckus and the Podium X Elite. The latter boasts the most user-friendly features you’ll find on the market today. With an adjustable grip, the Podium X Elite is great for people who plan on sharing the bow.

The Ruckus is a women/young adult model. It features the most out-of-the-box custom options. Hoyt’s models are of impressive quality, and would be a great choice for experienced archers who know exactly what they want.

4. PSE

Started in the 70’s, PSE has, for long, being asserted to be the best of the best. Certainly, they produce great quality bows. Although they don’t possess as many features as advertised, they’re underrated when it comes to sophistication. They specially design all their bows for the long haul. What they don’t have in flashy technology, PSE makes up for that with quality materials.

Among their most impressive models is the Stinger X, which has gotten many people excited. The Stinger X features a single cam system, specially designed for ultimate durability. Its Grow with me setting makes this model simply outstanding. It enables you to lower the draw weight, until you develop your skills. This is especially perfect for beginners. PSE’s products are of remarkable quality. It’s highly unlikely that you will go wrong with this brand. You can be confident that you’re purchasing a quality bow, without paying a high price.

5. Martin Archery

Started in 1951, Martin Archery began well and almost went extinct a few years later. They’ve made an amazing return. Their bow models are better than ever. By 2015, they had 14 new models, the Xenon 2.0 being one of them. The Xenon 2.0 is almost in line with its rival from the same brand, the Martin Lithium Pro. The Xenon 2.0 is an excellent option for avid hunters and competitors. It’s relatively light and quite versatile. If you’re seeking versatility, it’d be wise to start by looking into bows from Martin Archery.

Choose the Best Brand

Manufacturers are well aware that a bow is a personal and individual tool. Almost all brands are innovating designs to allow for greater adjustability. Compound bows are particularly great for adaptability. There’s definitely a professional-quality option for you, no matter your skill level, size, shape, or strength. The brands mentioned above are the best. They’ve proven their worth to many generations of archers. It’d be wise to start with the above recommendations to help narrow your search.

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