Aspects To Consider While Picking A Compound Bow Kit

It’s likely that you’ve already come across compound bows in action. As a matter of fact, various types of compound bows have been featured in a number of blockbuster films in the past and, below, we are going to mention the different aspects that we ought to consider prior to buying a compound bow kit.

1. Axle length

It's the compound bow’s overall length. It is less difficult to move the shorter bows although they tend to be more difficult to shoot and due to this reason, those hunting from tree stands often prefer short bows. Conversely, longer axle lengths will be the best choice if you’re not accustomed to bow hunting.

2. Draw length

It is actually the distance between the bowstring and the grip while you are at full draw. Although its length can be altered at your local store, it will be prudent to opt for “less” rather than “more”, since an excessive amount of draw length could affect your speed as well as precision adversely.

3. Brace height

It is the distance from the bowstring while resting and the grip. While reduced brace height implies a faster bow, it is harder to shoot and less satisfying as well. Although an increased brace height is slower, it is far more satisfying.

4. Draw weight

It is the amount of effort you require to get your bow to full draw and is expressed in lbs. Increased draw weight implies weightier arrows plus arrow points and a faster bow as well.

Why Would You require A Compound Bow?

Compound bows are reputed for being quite user-friendly, flexible, as well as powerful. The unique feature of the compound bow happens to be the draw. This type of bow is ideal for activities such as hunting, target shooting as well as competitive shooting.

Below we have mentioned a few advantages of using the compound bow:

1. Adaptable
2. Powerful
3. Convenient
4. Light and portable
5. Smaller sized
6. Simple to use
7. Extended life

Three Good Compound Bow Kit Choices:

1. RAPTOR Compound Hunting Bow Kit

This particular compound bow happens to be a rapid shooting, smooth pulling, and flexible equipment. It can be employed for hunting, target practice, bow fishing, and much more!


  • The weight of this bow is 3.7 lbs and it comes with an axle to axle length of 30 inches.
  • Adjustable draw length of 24.5-31 inches along with a draw weight of 40-70 lbs without any need for a bow press.
  • The kit package features a Whisker biscuit style rest, 5 pin sight along with light and level plus stabilizer.
  • Cams are 100% machined aluminum along with ZERO plastic.

2. FBA service Compound Bow Package

This compound bow is designed only for the adults and kids are suggested not to handle it. In fact, you should never dry fire this bow since it is going to hurt you and the bow will eventually break up.


  • Bow Parameter: Right-handed, Axle-to-Axle: 29"; IBO 324 fps; Draw length: 22”-30”, Draw weight: 24-70 lbs., Bow weight: 3.3lb, Brace height: 7.4”.
  • Bow Limbs have been brought in from Gordon Composites (USA).
  • Bundled Options: 1 x bow, bow sight, 1 x rubber stabilizer, 1 x bow release, 1 x D-loop, 1 x Allen keys, 1 x Peep sight, 2 x limb dampers, 1 x string wax, 1 x bow stand, 1 x arrow puller, 18 x 30” carbon mix arrow, 1 x 6pc arrow quiver.

3. Genesis Original Kit

Genesis bows happen to be the first compound bows built to get rid of let-off and is an ideal choice for the starter as well as intermediate archers across the globe. They won’t allow beginners to build bad habits brought on by using an ill-fitting bow. The archers can likewise adjust the bow while developing their expertise.


  • Without the requirement of any particular draw length, it is not possible for the kids to outgrow this bow.
  • Features an aluminum cam plus idler wheel, machined aluminum riser, durable composite limbs as well as robust bowstrings.
  • The kit consists of belt tube quiver, 5 aluminum arrows, bow, flexible arm guard, and hex wrench in addition to a handy user's manual.

Thus, after going through these above-mentioned compound bow kit recommendations, by now, you should be confident regarding the competency of the compound bows when it comes to hunting or maybe competitive shooting. However, apart from the 3 compound bow kits which we have mentioned before, you will come across many more on the market. In fact, there are so many choices that it is quite natural for you to become perplexed. Nevertheless, make it a point to perform adequate research and also go through online reviews that should give you a better idea regarding which bow to go for. Do not give any second thoughts and get in touch with your nearest dealer to pick the best compound bow kit for your personal requirements.

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