Best Compound Bows

A compound bow is a type of modernized bow which makes use of system of cables and pulleys and this makes it easier in drawing the bow. They are used for hunting games, and also in various archery competitions.

The top best compound bows include...

SAS Rage:

This compound bow is one of the simplest bow to draw and aim even for the new archers. It is not expensive and it is the perfect choice for the people who are new to archery. It is greatly built with its capability of producing a very powerful force which can bring down any fast moving prey from a small to the medium sized ones.

Infinity Edge Bow:

These bows are very light in weight and are sturdily built and this makes them very suitable for both the novice and the very young archers. This bow is cost effective in terms of price and it is known to last for years of usage. This bow is primarily designed for archery teaching and this explains why it is built to be very easy to draw and aim. The new and young archers really don’t feel any fatigue on their arms due to the light weight of this bow.

Bear Cruzer:

This bow is built with a very high quality and a flexible design which is made to last for several years of usage. It is built with unique components and it is quite small hence, it is very suitable for short archers. It is able to produce a very high amount of kinetic energy which is perfect and effective in killing preys of different sizes. It is also embedded with every features and components one needs to begin hunting. Its sting has a suppressor and a stabilizer which are essential for an effective perfect smooth and quiet performance.

PSE Surge RTS:

This bow is built to be very durable and it has a perfectly built grip which makes this bow really handy to use. It is designed to last for several years of hunting and archery in every kind of weather. This bow has only one cam system which draws pretty easily and this gives each draw and shot the maximum power required to bring down any prey ranging from the small animals to the large ones.

PSE Prophecy:

This compound bow is perfectly built and it is simple to draw and aim while shooting. It is very fast and accurate and hence, a perfect choice for archers. It is highly durable and is also know to thrive for quite a number of years of usage. This bow is designed to reduce and absorb shock and this equally helps in aiming and shooting accurately. Its cams are able to produce a speed of about 340 feet per second and this makes this bow to be one of the fastest among its kind. This cam also have an adjustable feature that makes it possible for different archers to hunt or use this bow at a different comfortable draw length depending on their preference.

Hoyt Nitrum 30:

This bow is awesomely built with a cable guard and this holds the cable forward when drawn and throughout an entire shooting cycle. It has the capability of producing a drawing speed of about 330 feet per second. It is also great for killing games which are quite large during hunting. This Nitrum has a vivid offset at the upper level of the bow and a trussed tunnel at the lower part. These components and features decreases the structural effectiveness and inversely, increases the general mechanical efficiency and as a result of this, only a very minimal noise and vibration is being generated when the bow is being drawn.

Martin Archery Lithium:

This compound bow is built with various drawing range length and can be uses by children, as well as the adults. It is designed to last for several years and it is also sturdily built and it produces a consistent smooth performance. It is equally built to produce a large amount of power when shot and can bring down any type of large prey during hunting. This bow is built with Nitro 3 cams which are very effective in producing a smooth perfect and silent draws.

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