More about Protective Archery Equipment

Over the years, archery has become popular. It is not only a worthwhile recreational activity but also a modern sport. For instance, the target archery (a type of archery where archers aim a certain number of arrows on a target to gain points) has been included in the Olympic Games. That shows you how interesting archery is. However, it would be difficult to participate in archery without basic information on the nitty-gritty of it. Below are the basics of archery.

Protective Archery Equipment

1. Bracers - Also known as arm - guards, bracers serve to prevent the bowstring from hitting the arm of the archer. This cushions you from the pain of that comes with the bowstring's impact on your arms. In other words, as its name suggests, it guards the arm. If you dislike pain (which is highly likely), then you might want to add bracers to your archery kit. One type is the XTACER 3-Strap ventilated leather arm guard.

2. Archery Gloves - There are two kinds of archery gloves; the bow hand glove and the bowstring hand glove. This is because the two hands perform different tasks.

Bow hand gloves are important in protecting the hand from injuries. Accidents may occur when an arrow misfires. This may result to injury on the hand that holds the bow, especially if the arrow is damaged. You wouldn't want to inflict that pain on yourself. A bow hand glove protects your hand from such occurrences.

The bowstring hand glove is worn on the hand that holds the bowstring. Since it's only three fingers that are used to pull the string, this type of glove is three - fingered. That is, it only covers the index, middle and ring fingers. Bowstring gloves ease the friction between the string and the releasing fingers. It also enhances grip.

One brand of archery gloves is the Neet Suede Leather brand of gloves.

3. Finger Tabs - These are for the arm that shoots the arrows. They cushion unprotected fingers from the friction that occurs whenever you pull and release the bowstring. Without finger tabs, blisters would affect many archers and therefore, it would be difficult to arch regularly. One brand of finger tabs is the Mongolian Finger Tab.

4. The Chest Guard - The names gives it away right? This protective archery equipment serves the chest. It basically prevents contact between the bowstring and the cloth you are wearing. If the bowstring meets the area around your chest, it could pierce your fabric or worse still, it could bruise your body. The chest guard prevents this.

Other Archery Equipment

Besides the protective gear of archery, there are other equipment that anyone interested in archery should familiarize with. They include the following:

Quivers - These are the arrow holders. They help a great deal in keeping your arrows safe. They also prevent the arrows from accidentally bruising someone because they are structured to strategically fit arrows. An example is the G4Free High Grade Micro Fibre Quiver.

The Target - This is basically the object that you aim to hit with your arrows. The targets are artificial and come in different shapes and sizes. For sports archery, the target comes with 10 circular rings which help in grading the archers. The inner ring earns an archer 10 points while the outermost ring earns the archer 1 point. An example is the JVD Toughenized archery target.

Target Stands - These are simply the equipment used to hold the targets in stable positions.

Stabilizers - These are common in Target (competitive archery). Stabilizers help in enhancing the bow's balance. Stabilizers also help in reducing vibration when the arrow is released. It therefore ensures that archery runs in a swift manner. One example is the Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer.

The mentioned is just a hint on the archery equipment to expect. There is a lot more that you will only learn by participating in this interesting activity.

Archery is not only a competitive Olympic sport, it is also a good way to take a break from the daily fast - paced life. In other words, archery is a good way to recharge. In addition to that, archery helps you connect with different people from all walks of life. You never know, such connections may result in lifelong bonds and partnerships. Pursuing archery as a sport is also beneficial both financially and competitively. It also has psychological rewards. Having said that, it is only right that you get to know the various protective archery equipment. This will help keep you safe during your archery. There are various brands made from various materials. To find out the protective archery equipment that suits your needs, it is recommended that you consult with your vendor and other experts in this field.

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